There's a Skeleton Inside You

from Creature by Ben Stark



There’s a skeleton inside you now
Screaming inside he just wants to get out

There’s no where that you can run or hide
You’re gonna die when the skeleton comes out

You’re gonna die
You’re gonna die

There’s no reason to be afraid
You’re gonna die eventually anyway

Call your mom better call your dad
There’s no superhero who can save the day

You’ll probably die
You’ll probably die

I’m a skeleton
I’m a skeleton
There’s no room in here
There’s no room for you

There’s a monster inside you now
Ready to explode out from your skin

There’s a skeleton you can’t deny
Better get a knife and cut it out

I hope you die
I hope you die
It’s time to die
It’s time to die


from Creature, released March 10, 2015
Music and lyrics by Ben Stark.




Ben Stark

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