from Creature by Ben Stark



There she sits, the redhead in the flower dress
Smiling shyly
Pretending not to look at me

A majestic creature, carefully crossing her legs
Her pale skin glowing warmly in the sunlight
As she gazes out the window

Fiery auburn curls circle her face
Hanging just above her long slender neck
Shoulders framing her perky bosom

Casually engaging a stranger in conversation
With a playful curiosity the same as a child
She looks away and catches my eye

Dark brown moccasins bounce on her feet
Sunlight shining on her shapely legs
Revealing wisps of soft, tiny hairs

With a graceful gesture she lets down her hair
Teeth like perfectly cut diamonds shine between her delicate lips
As she laughs at a joke

There she sits, like a porcelain doll
Doe eyes full of wonder and intrigue
Pretending not to look at me


from Creature, released March 10, 2015




Ben Stark

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